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EOS Block Producer Voting Statistics

Actual EOS Votes: 160,444,642.0182 EOS (7.64%)
Total Staked: 228,299,669.6076 EOS (10.87%)
Total EOS Supply: 2,100,000,000.0000 EOS
Number of voting accounts: 99,241 accounts
Total number of EOS accounts: 6,259,459 accounts

The stats on was last updated on 15th July 2024 16:01:04 UTC .
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  • Voting Charts

    This shows voting over a period of time, it has line charts tracking changes to votes and bar charts showing what the votes are comprised of.

  • BP Voting Analytics

    Analyse voting patterns of users. This includes averages, median and total votes. This system also tracks exclusive votes where there is just one vote for a BP.

  • Periodic Voting Analysis

    Compare voting patterns over daily and hourly basis. Click on a cell to view which Block Producer lost or gained votes in a specific period and which voter changed the votes.

  • Voting Pattern Analysis

    Similar to how Netflix or Amazon recommends movies to you. We aim to show which Block Producers also get voted for if you pick a Block Producer.

  • Voting Decay Analysis

    Your votes decay every second! Use this page to see how much has decayed so far. Enter an account name to find out its effective vote.

  • Producers Earnings

    This page helps track total producer earnings. It breaks down earnings into Voter Pay and Block Pay to give you more detailed information.

  • Proxy Research Portal

    Voting can be direct . But there are accounts who post their votes via proxy. The accounts who do proxy voting is monitored here

  • Large voters and block producers chart

    This is a network graph which shows how the large token holders vote and the Block Producers they vote for. Only the top 30 block producers are shown on this chart.

  • Top 200 Voters

    List of the top 200 voters on the system. Also filter by a Block Producer to see the top 200 voters for that BP on this page.

  • Producers Ranking

    This page shows ranking of all the producers. Along with the current rankings, it also shows the total number of voters and EOS per vote along with overall voting percentage.

  • Producers Schedules

    The votes by top 21 Block Producers can change at any time. Each time there is a change to the Top 21, a new schedule is released and the new Block Producers replace the old ones.

  • Voting distribution among BPs

    This report shows how the total votes for the Top 21. It also compares how things have changed over the last three months.

  • What is Voting all about?

    All EOS account holders are kindly requested to vote for the ideal Block Producer candidates. You can vote for upto 30 Block Producers at a time.

  • Why should voting reach 15%?

    Once 15% of tokens are staked and used to vote, the chain is considered valid and normal functions are activated. Let's get going. Full Launch Timeline here.

  • How do I vote?

    Keep your private keys offline or use Scatter (browser extension). The EOS Voting Portal is community developed and uses Scatter. Watch the video instructions on voting.

  • How long is my vote valid for?

    Your votes are valid for a long time. However, they do have a half-life of 365 days. This means after 90 days, the votes are worth 80% of their original weight.

  • How often can users vote?

    EOS accounts will be able to vote as many times as they want, every time an account changes its choices, the votes are allocated to the producers chosen.

  • What happens if I change vote?

    Every time you vote, the previous votes are overwritten with the new votes. This happens each time you vote, so new choices you make will overwrite the old ones.

  • Does voting cost me anything?

    Voting for your favourite block producer candidates is absolutely free! It is important to select candidates that you feel help the community and the EOS network.

  • When will voting end?

    There is no end date on voting. You can vote and change your vote as many times you want. Votes will keep being accepted as long as EOS network is available (forever).

  • Is Voting Secure?

    As long as your Private key is safe. Do not use your private keys on places that you don't trust. We recommend not to use Private Keys on any website directly.

EOS Authority as a Block Producer

EOS Authority deals professionally with technical matters or issues of arbitration & governance. Join us in shaping the platform of the future.

  • Proudly based in Europe

    Block production servers in Europe

  • Transparent Operations

    Publishing quarterly reports on block production

  • Self funded

    Wholly self funded avoiding any external control

  • Healthy Partnerships

    Fostering collaboration with other block producers to benefit the community

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