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The future of blockchain is sustainable

Together we have made EOS the world's first major carbon neutral blockchain.
A sustainable future is the only future.

What makes EOS efficient?

EOS is a third generation blockchain. It is based on Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm (DPoS)

CO2 emissions


EOS is 66,454 times more energy efficient than Bitcoin

EOS is 17,236 times more energy efficient than Ethereum

EOS mainnet uses 630.72 MWh & emits 281 tonnes of CO2 per year

Steps to make EOS green

Project initiation
May 2021
Research & appointed
sustainability partner
Working with ClimateCare to
calculate global EOS server
CO2 emissions
Finalising calculations
and selecting the CO2
offset projects
Offset block producers
footprint and make EOS green.
EOS is green and we
do it again for 2023.
(1 year)

The carbon footprint of EOS

EOS (DPoS) is a game changer. Low power consumption yet delivering record breaking throughput.

0 Block Producers
0 Standby Producers
0 tonnes of CO2
0 Energy MWh

The above specify annual CO2 emissions and electricity

Offset the entire EOS carbon footprint, 281 tonnes of CO2 for 1 year

(21st May 2022 to 21st May 2023)
281 tonnes offset completed
🎉 Thanks to Upland for sponsoring the offset this year

Upland is a parallel multiverse revolving around commerce, entertainment and personal connections. Buy, sell, trade and collect properties, develop them, build structures, create real businesses that provide products or services. Upland's platform is powered by the EOS blockchain.

Working together with &

EOS Authority is proud to have started this community initiative to make EOS the first major carbon neutral blockchain. We thank all the participating block producers & ClimateCare for helping make this possible.

EOS Authority
ClimateCare Introduction

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are carbon credits?

    A carbon credit is a financial unit of measurement that allows organisations and individuals to support the transition to a low carbon future. Each carbon credit represents the removal of one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) from the atmosphere - roughly the monthly energy consumption of an average American household.

  • What are the annual emissions per BP.

    Each BP has an annual carbon emission of 7.025 tonnes based on the electricity usage of 15.7625 MWh for 1 year. We plan to reevaluate the CO2 emissions every year and keep EOS mainnet carbon neutral.

  • Where can I get more information?

    Please join the telegram group to join the discussion and track progress of the project.