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EOS Authority as a Block Producer

Founded by a team of Techies, EOS Authority is fully funded by internal sources with zero external backers or vested interests

  • Mission

    EOS Authority's mission is to facilitate and grow the EOS network. We aim to do our bit to build a high performance and robust network.

  • Security

    Our team has a wealth of experience in maintaining & securing mission-critical applications from DDOS and other technical attacks.

  • Infrastructure

    Multiple redundant nodes and hot standbys to take over at a moments notice. We also leverage the best existing solutions where possible.

  • Scaling

    Automatic scaling rules will be setup right from the start to provision additional capacity as and when needed.

  • Jurisdiction

    UK is one of the best places for blockchain development. Combined with the best legal systems allows for longterm operations.

  • Trusted Team

    Our highly technical team have collectively published numerous youtube videos and various free or open sources EOS tools.

Phase 2 Bare Metal & Multi Data Center

Goal: Switch data center's within 5 minutes!

As part of Phase 2, we are rolling out multiple data center infrastructure that will allow us to switch our primary & secondary producing data center within 5 minutes. Different data centers within London along with low latency direct connection.

Core Team

Founded by a team of techies who are very enthusiastic about EOS. We believe that blockchain will significantly change most aspects of the world and EOS is the best suited and most adaptable platform. Meet us at the EOS London events.

  • Roshan Abraham

    Roshan has worked on several high profile projects for Ebay, UK Government and other institutions. Infrastructure and software security along with scalability is his main focus over the last 12 years. Roshan has a masters degree in computer science and is also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Amazon cloud).

  • Alex Saiu

    Alex is a serial entrepreneur, he started his first company when he was seventeen. He is a long term believer in the blockchain space & the benefits this technology can bring to humanity. Alex has a masters degree in Economic Sciences, business and administration.

  • Alphonse John

    Alphonse has been managing operational support and backend systems support for over a decade. She has been developing bespoke software along with maintaining a robust cloud infrastructure. She has a masters degree in computer science. Alphonse has been involved with blockchain and writing smart contracts for a few years now.

  • Rohan Abraham

    Rohan has worked on various bespoke software development projects for several companies around the world. He is very enthusiastic about the prospects of the EOS blockchain. He is currently working with a leading shipbroker in London and developing software to move the shipping industry to use EOS. Rohan has a masters degree in computer science.