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Rohan Abraham29 March 2019

We at EOS Authority believe that a successful deployment of REX will be a huge step forward for the EOS community and will be a significant achievement within the blockchain community as a whole. We decided to allocate a significant portion of our technical resources to do a full analysis of the REX code and test its inner workings by pushing REX to its limits. We have uncovered issues in the past with the first code review of REX in January where we identified a critical issue with REX. The second round of reviews & tests lasted over 14 days and the results were published. The third round of reviews and tests lasted about 2 weeks and here are the results. Today, we have the first stable version of REX.

First stable version is now ready!

We finally have a stable REX version ready. This code was released just a little while ago (29th March 2019). This was a result of several months of EOS REX development. This version also has a few changes that we requested. This new version adds a new feature to show results of how much CPU and NET was purchased within the chain history. We also have a comprehensive unit test case added which ensures that the (B1) 100m can only be claimed over 10 years. The vesting period was enforced correctly on REX prior to the the new unit test cases.

What are the next steps?

We now need a final testing period where we test out REX end to end including the recent changes added to the stable version. We will also be completing the analysis of how we initialise the REX pool. We will report back when all our tests pass both on our internal servers and on Testnets like Jungle & Kylin. If you are interested in contributing to tests and running tests independently, we recommend reviewing these test cases. Assuming things go well on these tests, we will be in a good position to propose REX to the Block producers for the usual approval process which requires 15/21 BP approval.

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