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EOS Authority24th January 2019

We at EOS Authority believe that a succesful deployment of REX will be a huge step forward for the EOS community and will be a significant achievement within the blockchain community as a whole. We decided to allocate a significant portion of our technical resources to do a full analysis of the REX code and test its inner workings by pushing REX to its limits. We have uncovered critical issues with the other areas of EOS in the past eg: the 10 million dollar EOS registration security issue. The first round of reviews & tests lasted over 35 days these are the results.

How did the tests go?

In general testing went well. Some parts of the system are pretty complicated and need extensive testing. In some scenarios we have to wait for a while, example we have a 30 day loan period. The first 30 day loans renewed recently and worked as expected. The release candidate was looking good until we found a critical bug.

The critical bug (now fixed)

While testing an edge case scenario we managed to uncover a critical bug. Exploiting this bug, we were able to withdraw more EOS tokens from REX than we should have been allowed to.

We communicated this issue to, as always they were professional and quick to respond. They have already patched this. Take a look at the github page for the fix.

What are the next steps? is expected to roll out the next Release candidate soon enough and we are ready to test it out fully again. This time around, we won't need as much time to test because the 30 day loan renewals have been tested. As we said in the beginning, we believe REX is extremely important for EOS. We have allocated financial and technical resources to build a professional interface for REX, the first version is ready, you will love it!. We can't wait for the community (token holders and DApps) to get their hands on REX.

In the meantime, don't forget to voice your opinion on the REX proposal.

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