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REX Voting Approval Needed ASAP. Most of the Community Wants REX So Lets Vote For it & Lets Make it Happen guys & girls :)

rexrexrexrex by solarcelleos 13-May-2019 05:29:30 UTC referendum-v1

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Mostly Eagerly Anticipated Proposal by the EOS Community is REX (resource exchange) Reward System. Lets make this proposal #1 on the list because this is the one that would benefit most us stake holders in the community.

There are many benefits that REX offer that I haven't mention here so more related proposals will come online. If you see more related proposals about REX make sure to vote for all of them. , Cheers ! & Go E O S ! ....

What is REX ? REX is a bucket that collects all EOSIO resource fees including RAM Sales, Fees, and Name Auctions. The mechanics of REX are actually pretty simple; to receive Network Rewards a token holder has to lend their EOS to REX, in exchange for REX Tokens (T-Rex) are given at a 1:1 ratio.

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