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POLL: Should Referendum Proposals Have A Small Cost In Order To Eliminate Spam Proposals?

pollpropcost by colintcrypto 14-July-2019 05:08:21 UTC poll_default

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With the ability to create referendum proposals for free, the system is being flooded with bogus and low-quality proposals. As such, it is being abused and may even come to be used for incorrect purposes, such as advertising.

As such, we should implement a low cost to be able to create a new referendum proposal.

It is important to keep in mind that the value of EOS may go up considerably in the future, so this cost should either be a floating cost based on USD value ($10?), or it should be a fairly small amount of EOS (such as 1-10 EOS).

The barrier-to-entry for creating a new proposal should not be so high that it inhibits of contributions from the community. The cost is only intended as a spam deterrent.

These fees would be added to the system savings account, and distributed as part of REX.

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  • I support this poll so long as the proposed fee slides with the value of a fiat currency such as USD.

  • Yes, and we need a way to distinguish between casual polls and more serious referendums.

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