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Reduce the annual rate of inflation to 1%

inflation by eosvibesvote 01-June-2019 00:00:00 UTC poll-yna-v1

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This proposal seeks to change the EOS annual rate of inflation from 5% to 1%.

Currently, EOS has a 5% annual rate of inflation.

Out of this 5% inflation, 4% is being accumulated in the eosio.saving account and 1% is distributed to block producers in pay for running/securing the network.

As of 5th March 2019 the eosio.saving account has a token balance in excess of 28.75 million EOS ($108 million) and this number grows larger with each passing day.

Approximately 3.6 million EOS tokens (4%) are created and sent to the eosio.saving account each month and this number increases over time through the mechanism of compounding inflation.

The original purpose for having this 4% inflation accumulate in the eosio.saving account was for the community to vote on how to spend it, for example, the community could vote on various worker proposals, or they could vote to burn it.

However, 8 months have past and there is still no defined use for this large quantity of EOS tokens that continues to flow into the eosio.saving account.

This large quantity of accumulated tokens has now become excessive and if we continue to allow it to keep growing, it will eventually become an attack vector for the network.

It is therefore time to turn the tap off and reduce the level of inflation down from an unnecessarily high 5% to a more reasonable 1% by cutting out the 4% that’s being generated and sent to the eosio.saving account.

This proposal is therefore a request for the top 21 block producers, through a 15/21 multisig, to reduce the continuous_rate of inflation within the eosio.system contract from 5% to 1% and furthermore, to stop any EOS tokens being accumulated within the eosio.saving account by turning off the eosio.saving transfer action.

The 1% rate of inflation going to block producers (0.25%+0.75%) will remain unchanged.











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  • I'm currently abstaining from this vote because of conversations with those who have concerns over inflation just going to BPs. Ideally more inflation should go to non-BPs or they will eventually solidify their own positions using the tokens they gain via inflation. The real problem is not having a mechanism to distribute this 4% inflation as originally intended. I'm hoping work done by the eosDAC worker proposal system will serve as an example which may some day be implemented in the system contracts.

  • Totally agree. Turn the tap off for now. It will strengthen the EOS token price.

  • The Members of EOSProxy unanimously agree with this change.

  • Steem and Bitshares fund development out of their inflation, what's the value of those networks today? Turn the tap off for now.

  • I fully support removal of 4% annual inflation which has been serving no purpose, except for inflating the supply and devaluing EOS tokens for all token holders.

  • A critical proposal to approve and reduce the risk to EOS network. This additional inflation is accumulating with no defined purpose and increasing token supply and it is a honey-pot for potential rogue elements.