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CVIB Proposal: Hyperion History - Scalable History API Solution for EOSIO based blockchains

hyperion.api by eosriobrazil 23-September-2019 08:31:18 UTC referendum-v1

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CVIB Terms, Conditions, Agreements Template

CVIB Ethos & Intention:

CVIB was started with the vision for proxies to explicitly signal intent to vote for BPs, for a given time frame, on the basis of specific projects being built. Instead of having to “guess” what voters want, BPs will have access to explicit deliverables that will “guarantee” votes. Voters can “fund” projects that they want by pooling their voting power for specific projects to be built. This model explicitly aligns incentives so that important EOS projects are built. BPs can have more certainty about the impact of their efforts on their ranking position, and voters can start to create a more actively engaged culture in which their desires are less abstracted. CVIB generally prioritizes bounties for critical EOS infrastructure that generally fall under these categories:

  • Unlikely to get developed due highly demanding development costs
  • No post development monetary returns
  • Network Security

For Block Producers:

I understand that commitments that are issued by proxies voting “yes” for this proposal can be revoked.

I request that the proxies help funding the development for the OpenSource Hyperion History project for 12 months, counting from the date of the proposal vote. A commitment renewal can be signaled by casting the proposal vote again.

We commit to provide an open and free to use history API infrastructure to the community as long as we are able to sustain the costs via on-chain rewards.

Project Link:

Release Article:

Brief Overview:

Hyperion History is a scalable history API solution for EOSIO based blockchains. It reduces database size in about 85%, when compared to the original history_plugin.

Hyperion History implements a new approach to data structure and storage:

  • actions are stored in a flattened format
  • a parent field is added to the inline actions to point to the parent global sequence
  • if the inline action data is identical to the parent, it is considered a notification and thus removed from the database
  • no blocks or transaction data are stored, all information can be reconstructed from actions
  • no transaction validation information is stored, as all information can be verified on the block information using the Chain API, dApps do not use History for that.

With those changes, the API format focus on delivering shorter response times, lower bandwidth overhead and easier usability for UI/UX developers.

To further improve performance we engineered a multi-threaded indexer that extracts data from the state history plugin and makes it possible to ingest the complete EOS blockchain (49 million blocks at the moment) in approximately 72 hours with proper hardware optimization, while the current solutions can take weeks. We also introduced an “ABI History Caching Layer” component to prevent deserialization failures when parallel processing historical data over ABI modifications.

The optimized data structure tends to reduce CPU and bandwidth consumption making infrastructure more scalable.


Hyperion History was launched on March 7th, 2019.

Main development priority will always be on stability and data integrity.

Next updates:

  • State table indexing and queries
  • Integrity check scripts
  • Data streaming API (websockets)
  • Interface for indexer control

Other features might be included later on the roadmap based on community needs.

Deliverables can be tracked and monitored here:

I agree to give updates on the project 2x per month for proxy review. Those updates can be reviewed here: and

For proxies and users:

By casting a yes vote for this proposal, I hereby agree to commit my votes for the time requested in this proposal. If I want to vote yes, but do not agree to the amount of time request, then I will leave a note specifying the amount of time I will vote for the proposal.

If I decide to withdraw my vote before duration of my commitment has come to term, I understand that it is my responsibility to choose whether or not a public statement is needed.

Time Frame:


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