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Block Producers should be paid more tokens when USD EOS price lower and less tokens when USD EOS price higher.

gu3tenbsgqge by gu3tenbsgqge 13-May-2019 11:49:31 UTC referendum-v1

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Currently, top 21 block producers always earn a set number of tokens daily, I propose that the number of tokens increases and declines based on the US dollar price of EOS. Such a system keeps block producers liquid when eos token prices are lower (like currently), they would earn more tokens than if the USD value was much higher and is capped when the value of eos goes right up in future. This will mean that when prices of tokens are much higher than currently, BPs will not be over compensated but will be sure to earn a good income. This would keep inflation lower, or would mean more tokens are returned back to voters, not BP's in the future.

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