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Should EOS adopt the EOS User Agreement (EUA) in place of the interim Constitution?

eosuseragree by eosuseragree 08-May-2019 16:32:00 UTC referendum-v1

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Should EOS adopt the EOS User Agreement (EUA) in place of the interim Constitution?


The EOS User Agreement (EUA) is a template primarily authored by top 21 Block Producer EOS New York. The EUA was written to replace the interim constitution. The interim constitution is in many places vague, largely unenforceable, and has been a source of conflict within the community. The EOS User Agreement is being proposed in order to establish a governing document that is manageable, reasonable, and enforceable and that serves as a reflection of the way the EOS Mainnet currently functions at a protocol level.

Result if enacted:

The EOS User Agreement will act as the foundational document of the EOS blockchain and will establish the expectations of EOS governance amongst all user types. The EUA will serve as a written reflection of the method of governance that the EOS Mainnet already employs, delegated-proof-of-stake. The interim Constitution will be removed as a governing document in its entirety.

Result if rejected:

The interim constitution remains.

Major Effect of Amendment Proposal:

Currently, token-holders may, without permission, vote for any number of block producers (up to 30) at any time and for any reason. Block Producers, exercising the authority delegated to them by EOS stakeholders, provide infrastructure to produce blocks and participate in the maintenance and optimization of the EOS protocol via multi-signature approval transactions. The EUA encapsulates this process in detail. The only major effect is that the expectation of what constitutes “governance” on the EOS Mainnet will become something manageable, reasonable, and enforceable and be supported by a framework for agile iteration and development.

Key Expectation Set

Block Producers may never bypass valid permission checks on the blockchain to affect any EOS user account in any situation other than where the normal operation and function of the EOS Mainnet is threatened.

Amendment Proposal Language:

The EOS User Agreement


All capitalized, italicized, or inline code terms in The EOS User Agreement will be given the same effect and meaning as in Definitions.

  • EOS User Agreement: This document (EUA)

  • Chain ID: chain_id - aca376f206b8fc25a6ed44dbdc66547c36c6c33e3a119ffbeaef943642f0e906

  • User: Any person or organization of persons who maintain(s) direct or indirect ownership of an EOS account, or EOS-based property connected to an EOS account.

  • Ownership: Direct or indirect access to an EOS account through one or more valid permissions checks. Ownership may be partially shared between Users through the use of multi-signature permissions.

  • Block Producer: Users who have called regproducer and receive rewards from eosio.vpay.

  • eosio.prods: An EOS account with a dynamic permissions structure that can assume the privileges of the eosio account when 15/21 Block Producers agree to do so.

  • Network Funds: Tokens contained within the following accounts: eosio.names, eosio.ramfee, eosio.saving.

  • Governing Documents: regproducer is considered a governing document.

  • On-Chain: Any transaction, smart contract, or Ricardian contract which is located within a block that is irreversible and appended to the EOS blockchain chain_id.

  • EOS-based Property: Anything that requires a valid permission in order to directly manipulate, alter, transfer, influence, or otherwise effect on the EOS Blockchain

  • Call: To submit an action to the EOS Blockchain chain_id.

  • Authorizations & Permissions: Permissions are arbitrary names used to define the requirements for a transaction sent on behalf of that permission. Permissions can be assigned for authority over specific contract actions.

  • Ricardian Contract: A contract that places the defining elements of a legal agreement in a format that can be expressed and executed in software.

Article I -  User Acknowledgement of Risks

If User loses access to their EOS account on chain_id and has not taken appropriate measures to secure access to their EOS account by other means, the User acknowledges and agrees that that EOS account will become inaccessible. Users acknowledge that the User has an adequate understanding of the risks, usage and intricacies of cryptographic tokens and blockchain-based software. The User acknowledges and agrees that the User is using the EOS blockchain at their sole risk.

Article II - Special User Types

Users who call regproducer agree to, and are bound by, the regproducer Ricardian Contract.

Article III - Consent of the EUA

The nature of the EOS User Agreement is such that it serves as a description of the current EOS Mainnet governance functions that are in place. These functions, enforced by code, do not require the consent of Users as these functions are inherent and systemic to the EOS Mainnet itself.

Article IV - Governing Documents

Any modifications to the EUA and governing documents may be made by eosio.prods. It is admonished that a statement be crafted and issued through eosio.prods via referendum contract describing such a modification in advance.

Article V - Native Unit of Value

The native unit of value on EOS chain_id shall be the EOS token as defined and created by the eosio.token smart contract.

Article VI - Maintaining the EOS blockchain

eosio.prods will maintain the active blockchain codebase which includes, but is not limited to, the implementation of all modifications of all features, optimizations, and upgrades: present and future.

Article VII - Network Funds

It is admonished that any altering of the state of any tokens contained within network fund accounts, or altering any pre-existing code that directly or indirectly governs the allocation, fulfillment, or distribution of any network funds be preceded by a statement crafted and issued by eosio.prods to the referendum system contract describing the effect in advance.

Article VIII - Freedom of Account Creation

Any current or future User is able to create an EOS Account without the permission by any other User. eosio.prods may never affect an EOS User Account(s) without valid permission(s) which have been shared with eosio.prods by an EOS account. eosio.prods may charge a fee for any actions that are requested by other Users pertaining to an EOS account where permissions are shared.

Article IX - No Fiduciary

No User shall have a fiduciary purpose to support the value of the EOS token. No User can authorize anyone to hold assets, borrow, speak, contract on behalf of other EOS Users or the EOS blockchain chain_id collectively. This EOS blockchain shall have no owners, managers, or fiduciaries.

Article X - User Security

All items pertaining to personal account security, including but not limited to the safekeeping of private keys, is solely the responsibility of the User to secure.

Article XI - eosio.prods Limited Liability

The User acknowledges and agrees that, to the fullest extent permitted by any applicable law, this disclaimer of liability applies to any and all damages or injury whatsoever caused by or related to risks of, use of, or inability to use, the EOS token or the EOS blockchain chain_id under any cause of action whatsoever of any kind in any jurisdiction, including, without limitation, actions for breach of warranty, breach of contract or tort (including negligence) and that eosio.prods, nor the individual permissions that operate it, shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, exemplary or consequential damages, including for loss of profits, goodwill or data.

Does this Amendment Proposal require a code update? If so, provide proposed change:

The EUA language will be injected into the eosio.system.abi under “id”: EOS User Agreement and “body”:

Remove all language from:

Add EUA language to:

Time Frame:


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  • Abstain. We like the idea proposed, but think this may be too early to make such a decision. We are in favor of moving slowly and following the status quo that has been set by the free market of users. Currently, we have a general understanding that serves EOS well. Let’s see how that develops.

  • If the EUA had been proposed alongside a regproducer agreement, then we would have voted for it.

  • Never roll back the chain. Keep things as decentralized as possible.

  • We have reviewed in detail and agree with all articles of User Agreement. It removes ECAF, removes article XV and make the rules objective.

  • Without casting aspersions on any of the authors of the documentation, this user agreement is a bad replacement for a constitution. 1. It opens us up to legal challenge in every jurisdiction by local courts, removing the protections provided by UNCITRAL and the New York Convention of 1958; 2. By design, it enshrines the current failures of governance as law; and, 3. It puts power and control over the entire system in the hands of a very small percentage of voters, and does not protect token holders or dapps at all.

  • We think this is a great starting point and look forward to a new regproducer agreement as well.

  • Great starting point for governance

  • This is a simple and very clear EUA from EOS New York. There has been far too much talk in various forums about this and if left to some people will be talked and debated for another 100 years before a proposal to vote on is agreed!!! Lets get this done and get the EOS Mainnet moving forward..... High fives to EOS Authority for uploading this referendum.

  • Strongly in favor.