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Give Control of Ecaf and Worker Proposal Fund to @eosdrama Telegram Channel

eosdramacaf by eosdramaprxy 12-May-2019 07:54:47 UTC referendum-v1

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@EOSdrama channel formally proposes to take over all EOS CORE ARBITRATION FORUM responsibilities and decide in anonymous telegram votes on matters to put forward to BP's on chain. Our crack team of dev's will whip out governance in no time flat.

We also propose to redistribute the worker proposal fund as follows:

1% to all @eosdrama members

2% for Worker Proposal System. These funds will be earmarked for infrastructure developments on the EOS blockchain and candidates will be put forward to BP's for ratification. 15 of the top 21 active producers will need to sign the order with their producer's key.

1% for all Tokenholders for resources. We will subsidize CPU, RAM and NET by giving token hodlers 1% of inflation staked as NET, CPU and RAM in perpetuity.

For the betterment of EOS we will serve.

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