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Should the Block Producers blacklist every account that has posted an unactionable referendum question?

dontbedumb by imblackbeard 14-January-2019 01:01:44 UTC referendum-v1

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Should the Block Producers freeze the account of every person who has posted an unactionable referendum question?

Language of Record

The language of record for this Binding Referendum question is English.


Branden Espinoza

Description of Referendum

Many in the EOS community are posting referendum questions that do not contain sufficient information for the Block Producers to execute. This referendum is intended to enable the Block Producers to blacklist accounts responsible for posting incomplete and irresponsible proposals.

Interpretive Statement

If this referendum passes, on the 1st and 15th of each month, Branden Espinoza (EOS Account: ImBlackbeard) will review all of the existing referenda of type referendum-v1 proposed via He will decide if a given referendum is adequate complete, using the EOS BallotCraft Guide as the standard for Best Practices. He will issue a BLACKLIST ORDER via that will indicate each account to be blacklisted.

Block Producer Instructions

Within 7 days of each BLACKLIST ORDER, the top 21 BPs shall blacklist every account identified.

Arguments & Rebuttals

Argument In Favor

Members of the EOS community are using the Binding Referendum tool to post incomplete and inactionable referendum questions. The integrity of the referendum system will be criticized when one of these inactionable questions passes by the threshholds identified in the EOS Interim Contitution and the BPs are forced to ignore it. This proposal protects the EOS mainnet from such criticism.


There is a learning curve here. The community will understand if the BPs can't act on a given referendum.

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