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Should we burn accumulated un-used inflation (4%) in eosio.saving?

burnsaving by investingwad 10-February-2019 11:24:07 UTC referendum-v1

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  • 69 days since poll started
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  • 99% YES lead over NO

EOS has total 5% inflation. Out of this 4% is accumulating in eosio.saving account and it has more than 22 million EOS as of January 11, 2019. There is no defined use of this fund at the moment and it is adding to total supply of EOS at a very high 4% inflation rate. Proposal is to burn accumulated tokens. There will be separate referendum for changing the inflation rate or not adding more tokens to this supply.

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  • Absolutely. The greater inflation is diminished the stronger EOS will be.

  • I am fine with burning these tokens as long as the faucet is not turned off. Let's do a token burn every X months.

  • Distribute 1 token :1 Stake for investors who have voted for more than 25 BPs only. Investors doing the right thing for the network need to be rewarded so that others(non-voters/non stakers) may be incentivised. The rest maybe burned. Still accumulate the 4% , rinse & repeat every Quarter.

  • yes