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one person one vote Max 30 votes.

1person1vote by eosforfuture 13-May-2019 02:00:48 UTC referendum-v1

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  • 139 accounts
  • 96 days since poll started
  • 0.20% participation
  • -77% YES lead over NO

One person one vote. One person can cast Max 30 votes like real democratic system.

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  • Voting 'No' is a vote for possible future corruption. This is why I am voting 'Yes'! BPs have been known to collude together in the past. Voting 'Yes' on '1person1vote' will make for a more fair ensuring less corruption amongst BPs. I personally do not believe one person with 5,000 EOS should have more voting power than someone like me with only 500 EOS. Voting 'No' on '1person1vote' allows only the few, wealthiest EOS holders to determine the outcome, thus drowning out the voice and desires of the little guy. -PL

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  • YES

  • No. But I agree with one EOS token = one vote instead to prevent whale collusion. i.e. their incentive would then to vote only for themselves with all their EOS tokens and wont get to bump up their friends or themselves running as a second or third BP