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115 DAYS

Should the EOS mainnet establish the EOS Commons Development Program as outlined in this referendum?

EOS COMMONS DEVELOPMENT FUND PROGRAM (AKA PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT FUND, AKA WORKER PROPOSAL SYSTEM, AKA WPS) Proposers Anand, Gautam Buck, Justin Espinoza, Branden Karaivanov, Todor Kauffman, Josh Lee Kiho Kim Naeun Ma Larry Mao Yifeng Margulies, David Pahalahti, Samuli Pollard, Chris Seo, Leo Shi, Ricky Describe Initiative / 提案描述 / 제안 요약 This proposal is to fund a 6-month bootstrap stage EOS Commons Development Fund System. / 本提案旨在资助为期6个月的启动阶段的EOS公共发展基金系统。/ 이 제안은 6개월간의 EOS 공동 개발 펀드 시스템 부트스트랩 단계를 위한 것입니다. Our goal is to create a mechanism to fund a portion of the innovation and advancement of the EOS network, and do so in a transparent manner, utilizing community-directed funds, while addressing and reducing the risks of systemic fraud. / 本提案旨在资助为期6个月的启动阶段的EOS公共发展基金系统。我们的目标是建立一个机制,以透明的方式资助EOS网络的创新和发展,利用社区导向的资金,同时消除系统性欺诈的风险。/ 우리의 목표는 EOS 네트워크의 혁신과 진보를 위한 펀드를 제공하는 메커니즘을 만듭니다. 그리고 이를 위한 투명한 방법과 커뮤니티 규제 하의 펀드 운용을 통해 체계적인 사기를 대처하고 미연에 방지합니다. The Official language of this Referendum will be English: all efforts have been made to translate accurately to other languages for ease of understanding, but English is the prevailing language in case of dispute. / 本次公投的官方语言将是英语:为了方便理解,我们已尽力准确地翻译成其他语言,但在发生争议时,以英语为主。/ 국민 투표의 공식 언어는 영어가 될 것입니다. 물론 쉬운 이해를 돕기 위한 노력으로, 다른 언어로의 명확한 번역이 이루어질 것이지만, 주요 언어는 영어일 예정입니다. 中文译本: 한국어 번역판: As other language translations become available they will be shared on Ongoing discussions concerning this Proposal will take place on Telegram: State Question Should the EOS mainnet establish the EOS Commons Development Program as outlined in this referendum? Yes, I vote to establish the EOS Commons Development Program. No, I vote to reject the EOS Commons Development Program. Interpretive Statement (What a Yes Vote Will Do) The proposal includes: 1. Transfer of Funds. Top 21 Block Producers transfer 1 million EOS tokens from the eosio.saving account to a newly created eosio.wps account. The purpose of this amount is to fund the EOS Commons Development Program activities for six months. [See Section 7 below for more details on eosio.saving.] 2. Initial Allocation The first allocation of funding will be immediate and will include funding for Emergency Committee Operations EOS Commons Development Program portal development and management The balance of the initial allocation of 1MM tokens will be held under custody of the Emergency Committee, to be disbursed if, and only if, the community has approved other proposals for funding by the EOS Commons Development Program (as outlined in Article XI of the Constitution). 3. Emergency Committee Operation. Establish the Emergency Committee to filter and oversee proposals that go to community vote, oversee the progress of proposals, oversee the use of funds, report Emergency Committee findings back to the community periodically, and assist in the preparation of governance proposals for EOS Commons Development Program Categories. Requested EOS on 20190112: ($68,943.72/$2.44) + 84 = EOS 28,339.623 Slate of nominees: Updated Budget and proposal links: (proposal) (budget) Emergency Committee Emergency Proposal Assessment Overview: 4. EOS Commons Development Program Portal Development and Management. Portal Development to support the growth of EOS Ecosystem by developing the software and platform for the community to review, discuss, select, fund, and hold accountable projects proposed by community members to benefit EOS; includes the following: Smart contracts for registration, submission, proposal review, and voting. Web platform for registration, submission, forum and voting. Software that incorporates the needs of new categories as they come online. Secure infrastructure to deploy the platform. Requested EOS on 20190112: ($378,420.00/$2.44) + eos750 = EOS 155,840.164 Updated Budget and proposal links: (proposal) (budget) Preliminary github 5. Recognition of EOS Commons Development Program Categories The EOS Commons Development Program categories are established and recognised for future development to allow for the greatest variety of governance options to figure out what works best, while limiting scope for abuse or failure: Oversight -- intended for portal maintenance, quality control, and oversight of other categories, as well as supporting any proposals that go through direct referenda instead of one of the EOS Commons Development Program Categories. Infrastructure -- for supporting the underlying code base of the blockchain. Examples include security audits, bug patches, and code repository maintenance Community -- includes meetups, educational content and platforms, public relations, lawyers, advocates and lobbyists. Development -- for supporting developers and ideas. Miscellaneous -- for any proposal which may not fit directly into any of the other categories. 6. Open Call for Governance Design Proposals for Individual Categories. The Emergency Committee will manage a competition for individual category governance structure designs to allow experimentation with governance without risk to the whole ecosystem: The governance structure for each category is up to worker proposals submitted by the community. Winning Designs are those chosen by community vote. As each category is approved by the community, the category in question becomes active. To become an activated category, the winning submission will be chosen as the one with the highest participation of voting tokens, with no less than 5% of total currency supply, and must maintain no less than 55% Yes votes of the total voting supply, maintained for no less than 15 consecutive days within a period of 60 days. Each active category will be limited to its own financial boundaries,(i.e., 10% of eosio.saving) to limit abuse and waste, and to allow room for future growth if and when token holders decide on it. (See Section 7.) When a category goes live, the Emergency Committee surrenders control over relevant proposals. Over time, the Emergency Committee ceases to exist as its duties are absorbed. 7. Retire the Remaining Balance of eosio.saving. Until such time as there is community confidence in the various government structures, we propose a recurring retirement of all funds in eosio.saving not allocated to eosio.wps: On day 1, after the initial 1 million EOS tokens are moved to the eosio.wps account: Remainder in eosio.saving will be retired; and, eosio.saving will continue being retired monthly, as it accumulates. Once the Categories have been properly established: 10% of the tokens flowing into eosio.saving per approved Category will be distributed into eosio.wps. Full description: (NB, external document reflects a previous intention to bundle ECAF and Mainnet Repository Maintenance that is no longer planned. For transparency we will not edit already published documents unless required for accuracy.) Block Producer Instructions Create a multisig proposal to create an account named eosio.wps with 10 EOS staked for Network bandwidth and 100 EOS staked for CPU bandwidth and 1500000 bytes of RAM Create eosio.wps account structure with owner permission designated to [email protected] and the active permission set up as a 4 of 7 multisig, with keys provided by the 7 members of the EmCom. Create a multisig proposal to transfer 1 million EOS from eosio.saving to eosio.wps Create a multisig proposal to retire the remaining balance of eosio.saving after the transfer of 1 million tokens has been executed Every 30 days following, a new multisig proposal shall be put forward by the EmCom to retire the unallocated funds within eosio.saving Arguments Summary Arguments In Favor EOS requires support and development and funds have been set aside for this purpose. CDF is a safe and secure way to bootstrap this support system. Public goods should be funded by the commons. Decentralization and separation of powers requires an independent CDF. Summary Arguments Against EOS Inflation is too high at 5%; no development or support is needed so inflation should be reduced to BP rewards. A Commons Development Fund to handle development is a central bureaucracy; instead the money and duties should be trusted to the Block Producers. DPoS does not work; Whales would use a fund like this to just vote themselves money. To read full arguments, both for and against, including rebuttals, please go to: Supporting Documentation GitHub: and Hash of GitHub, latest commit: 5ea8f491efa11fb07acc8d51eff04fbcdef69a69 (portal) and 053fb79b86d9909fa160b84a4ce7f234a4932fed (backend) Hash of Ricardians latest commit: d120e212bdcd03039037a0a0c76daca5c9c3a350 Ricardian Contracts:

7,096,246 EOS voted 21.2%78.8%
115 DAYS

Let's create a credible agency or site that can tell you how much BP is working!!!

Let's create a credible agency or site that can tell you how much BP is doing! The referendum ended up being voted by BP. For BP to do the right thing, they should know that EOS Holder has sharp eyes. And BP should be aware that EOS Holders' tickets can be changed. However, EOS holders are too busy to observe on a daily basis. We hope that public trust organizations will inform BP's performance, progress, and negligence in their work. In the end, the voting of EOS users with accurate information should lead the ecosystem to the right place. It should also be recognized by BP all the time. BP들의 활동량을 알수 있는 공신력 있는 기관이나 사이트를 만들자! 국민투표를 하더라도 결국 BP에 의한 투표를 하게 된다. BP들의 옳바른 행정을 위해서는 EOS홀더의 날카로운 눈이 있다는 것을 알아야 한다. 그리고, BP들은 EOS홀더들의 표가 변경될수 있다는 것을 알아야 한다. 하지만, EOS 홀더들은 일상이 바쁘기에 일일이 관찰 할수 없다. 공신력 있는 기관에서 BP의 업무실적, 업무진행사항, 업무태만등을 알려주었으면 한다. 결국 정확한 정보를 갖은 EOS유저들의 투표가 생태계를 옳바르게 이끌어나가야 한다. 또한 그것을 BP들이 항상 인지하고 있어야 한다. BPの活動量がわかる公信力のある機関やサイトを作ろう! 国民投票を実施しても,結局BPによる投票となる。 BPの正しい行政のためにはEOSホルダーの鋭い目があることを知るべきだ。 そして,BPはEOSホルダーたちの表が変更されることがあることを知るべきだ。 しかし,EOSホルダーたちは日常が忙しいので一々観察できない。 公信力のある機関でBPの業務実績,業務進行事項,業務怠慢などを教えてもらいたい。 結局,正確な情報を持つEOSユーザーらの投票が生態系を正しく導かなければならない。 また,それをBPが常に認知していなければならない。 打造了解BP们活动量,具有公信力的机构或网站! 即使进行国民投票,最终也要通过BP进行投票。 为了BP们的正确行政,必须知道EOS Holder有一双锐利的眼睛。 而且,BP们要知道,EOS Holder们的选票可能要变更。 但是,EOS Holder们因为日常繁忙,无法一一观察。 希望有公信力的机构能够告诉大家BP的业务业绩,业务进展事项,业务态度等等。 最终,拥有正确信息的EOS用户的投票应该正确引导生态界。 而且,BP们必须时刻意识到这一点。

2,157,311 EOS voted 73%27%
117 DAYS

Disable BlockOne's Voting Power

BlockOne built a great product with EOSIO, but their ability to "save mainnet" in some future scenario casts a shadow on the idea of a decentralized community. I suggest we prevent BlockOne from directly influencing on-chain governance by removing voting power from their 10% stake. BlockOne使用EOSIO構建了一個出色的產品,但是他們在未來某個場景中“保存主網”的能力給分散社區的想法蒙上陰影。 我建議我們通過取消10%股權的投票權來阻止BlockOne直接影響鍊式治理。 BlockOne은 EOSIO와 함께 훌륭한 제품을 만들었지 만, 미래의 시나리오에서 "메인 넷을 저장"하는 능력은 분산 된 커뮤니티라는 생각에 그림자를 드리 우게됩니다. 우리는 BlockOne이 10 % 지분의 의결권을 제거함으로써 체인 온 거버넌스에 직접적으로 영향을주는 것을 막을 것을 제안합니다. BlockOneはEOSIOで素晴らしい製品を構築しましたが、将来のシナリオで "mainnetを保存する"という彼らの能力は、分散型コミュニティという考えに影を落とします。 BlockOneが10%の出資から投票権を奪うことで、チェーンのガバナンスに直接影響を与えないようにすることをお勧めします。 BlockOne construyó un gran producto con EOSIO, pero su capacidad de "guardar mainnet" en algún escenario futuro ensombrece la idea de una comunidad descentralizada. Sugiero que evitemos que BlockOne influya directamente en la gestión de la cadena al eliminar el poder de voto de su participación del 10%. BlockOne hat mit EOSIO ein großartiges Produkt entwickelt, aber die Fähigkeit, in einem zukünftigen Szenario "Mainnet zu speichern", wirft einen Schatten auf die Idee einer dezentralisierten Gemeinschaft. Ich schlage vor, wir verhindern, dass BlockOne die Kontrolle in der Kette direkt beeinflusst, indem der Stimmrechtsanteil von ihrem Anteil von 10% gestrichen wird. BlockOne a construit un excellent produit avec EOSIO, mais leur capacité à «sauvegarder le réseau principal» dans un scénario futur jette une ombre sur l’idée d’une communauté décentralisée. Je suggère que nous empêchions BlockOne d’influencer directement la gouvernance en chaîne en supprimant le droit de vote de leur participation de 10%.

1,556,698 EOS voted 0%100%

다양한 언어를 지원해 주세요! Let's support a variety of languages.

EOS 생태계는 전세계적이여야 합니다. 영어가 국제적언 언어인것은 맞습니다. 하지만,영어를 하지 못한다는것이 EOS를 접근하는 장벽이 되면 않됩니다.. 기술적인 문제가 아니라 마음가짐의 문제입니다. 우리가 프로그램이나 툴들을 개발할때 전세계인들 누구나 접근하기 편하도록 배려합시다. 다양한 언어로 전세계인을 포용할수 있는 EOS생태계가 되도록 합시다. The EOS ecosystem has to be global. It is true that English is an international language. However, not being able to speak English should not be a barrier to approaching EOS. It's not a technical problem, it's a mind-set problem. When we develop programs and tools, let's consider them to be accessible to everyone in the world. Let's become an EOS ecosystem that can embrace people all over the world in various languages. EOSエコシステムはグローバルである必要があります。 確かに英語は国際語である。 しかし,英語を話せないことがEOSに近づく妨げになってはならない。 それは技術的な問題ではなく,マインドセットの問題です。 プログラムやツールを開発する際は,世界中の誰もが利用できると考えましょう。 EOSエコシステムになって,世界中の人々をさまざまな言語で受け入れましょう。 EOS生态系统必须是全球性的 英语是一种国际性的语言。 然而,不能说英语不能成为接近EOS的障碍。 这不是技术问题,而是一个心态问题。 当我们开发项目和工具时,让我们考虑到世界上所有的人。 让我们成为EOS生态系统的生态系统 El ecosistema EOS debe ser global. Es verdad que el inglés es un inglés internacional. Sin embargo, no debe ser un obstáculo para acceder al EOS. No es un problema técnico, es un problema de mentalidad. Al desarrollar programas y herramientas, suponga que todo el mundo puede usarlas. Así que este es un ecosistema EOS que permite a la gente participar en diferentes idiomas. L’écosystème du SEE doit être global. Il est vrai que l’anglais est une langue internationale. Cependant, le fait de ne pas pouvoir parler anglais ne devrait pas constituer un obstacle à l’approche des EOS. Ce n'est pas un problème technique, c'est un problème d'esprit. Lorsque nous élaborons des programmes et des outils, considérons qu'ils sont accessibles à tout le monde. Devenir un écosystème EOS qui peut rejoindre des gens de partout dans le monde dans diverses langues. EOS mercator muss global sein. Es stimmt, dass Englisch eine internationale Sprache ist. Das Unvermögen, Englisch zu sprechen, sollte jedoch kein Hindernis für den Zugang zur EOS darstellen. Es ist keine technische Frage, sondern eine Frage des Geistes. Stellen wir uns vor, dass bei der Entwicklung von Programmen und Instrumenten jeder auf der Welt sie nutzen kann. Lassen Sie uns ein EOS-Ökosystem werden, das Menschen auf der ganzen Welt in verschiedenen Sprachen aufnehmen kann. Экосистемы ЕОС должны быть глобальными. Это правда, что английский - международный язык. Тем не менее, не говоря по-английски, нельзя препятствовать доступу к ЕОС. Это не техническая проблема, это вопрос разума. Когда мы разрабатываем программы и инструменты, давайте подумаем, что они доступны всем людям в мире. Давайте станем экосистемами ЕОС, которые смогут разместить людей по всему миру на разных языках. O ecossistema EOS tem de ser global. É verdade que o inglês é uma língua internacional. No entanto, não poder falar inglês não deve ser uma barreira para se aproximando EOS. Não é um problema técnico, é um problema de concentração. Quando desenvolvemos ferramentas e os programas, vamos considerar que lhes seja acessível a todos no mundo. Vamos tornar um ecossistema EOS que pode abraçar as pessoas em todo o mundo em várias línguas. L'ecosistema EOS deve essere globale. È vero che l'inglese è una lingua internazionale. Tuttavia, l'incapacità di parlare inglese non dovrebbe costituire un ostacolo all'accesso al sistema EOS. Non si tratta di una questione tecnica, ma di mentalità. Quando sviluppiamo programmi e strumenti, consideriamoli accessibili a tutti nel mondo. Diveniamo un ecosistema EOS in grado di ospitare persone provenienti da tutto il mondo in diverse lingue. Hệ sinh thái ESPOIR. Tiếng Anh là ngôn ngữ quốc tế. Tuy nhiên, điều không thể nói tiếng Anh không thể trở thành chướng ngại vật trong việc tiếp cận ESA. Đó không phải là vấn đề kỹ thuật mà là vấn đề của quyết tâm. Khi chúng ta phát triển chương trình và công cụ, hãy thử nghĩ rằng tất cả mọi người trên thế giới đều có thể sử dụng chúng. Chúng ta hãy cùng trở thành hệ sinh thái ESteem. ระบบนิเวศ EOS ควรเป็นระดับโลก เป็นความจริงที่ภาษาอังกฤษเป็นภาษาสากล อย่างไรก็ตาม การพูดภาษาอังกฤษไม่ได้เป็นอุปสรรคต่อการเข้าถึงEOS มันไม่ใช่ปัญหาทางเทคนิค แต่เป็นปัญหาของความตั้งใจ เมื่อเราพัฒนาโปรแกรมและเครื่องมือ ลองคิดว่าทุกคนในโลกสามารถใช้มันได้ เรามาดูระบบนิเวศ EOS กันทั่วโลก ที่สามารถรองรับผู้คนได้ ด้วยภาษาที่หลากหลาย Ekosistem EOS harus global. Memang benar Bahasa Inggris adalah bahasa internasional. Namun, tidak boleh ada hambatan dalam akses ke EOS. Ini bukan masalah teknis, tapi masalah mental. Mari kita pertimbangkan bahwa semua orang di dunia dapat menggunakannya saat kita mengembangkan program dan alat. Mari kita lihat ekosistem EOS yang dapat menampung semua orang di seluruh dunia dalam berbagai bahasa. यह EOS पारिस्थितिकी तंत्र वैश्विक हो . यह कि अंग्रेजी एक अंतरराष्ट्रीय भाषा है सच है . हालांकि, EOS। It's नहीं एक तकनीकी समस्या, इसे's के लिए अंग्रेजी नहीं होना चाहिए एक बाधा जब हम कार्यक्रमों और उपकरणों का एक mind-set समस्या ., जो दुनिया भर में विभिन्न भाषाओं में लोगों को अंगीकार कर सकता है let's उन्हें दुनिया में हर किसी के लिए सुलभ हो . दो विचार's का EOS पारिस्थितिकी तंत्र बात करने में सक्षम होने नहीं है।

728,183 EOS voted 99.5%0.5%