The types of badges associated with an EOS account

There are several types of badges associated with an EOS account. These badges highlight something special about the account. Here are the most popular badges


This badge is only shown for Founder accounts. These accounts are part of the genesis, the very start of the EOS Mainnet. These are people who purchased EOS as ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum. They are very early investors and believers of the EOS Project. The founders are the original backers of the EOSIO project without whom this project would not have launched. This badge honours the early adopters for their faith on the EOS project.



A user that has tokens staked maintains voting power and also has keeps the token "locked" for 3 days the unstaking period. This unstaking when combined with a secure account and our alerts system can be used to reduce the chances of getting hacked into. There are two system resources you can stake EOS for - CPU and Bandwidth. Network Bandwidth is the average rate of data transfer through the EOS network. CPU bandwidth is based on how the transaction runs, if it is a complicated transaction, the more CPU bandwidth is consumed. A delegate bandwidth action can specify the amount of CPU or Network bandwidth to be allocated. The moment you delegate, the effect is immediate and it will take 3 days for you to undelegate. Please note your voting power is based on the amount of delegated CPU and Bandwidth.


A person with this badge is a responsible EOS account holder. The person has cast a vote for a selection of Block Producers like EOS Authority. Note, your "voting power" depends on the amount on staked tokens you have, see Staked badge for more information. It is important that you vote periodically. Once you cast a vote, there is a concept of vote decay. In a year, your vote will become half of the value of what it was when originally cast. Voting is important, Block Producers like us request and require your vote to continue what they do. You can vote for upto 30 BPs which essentially means your voting power is equally distributed among the Block Producers.


This badge signifies you have much more RAM staked than usual. It probably means you are a developer or you are speculating on RAM. RAM is a quick read/write access to a storage device. It's required to store data on the blockchain and must be purchased. For most accounts, you see this transaction when you create a new account on the EOS blockchain. However, you can also purchase RAM by itself and there could be a lot of speculation on the RAM market within EOS. Utilizing the Bancor algorithm, the price of RAM is set by the EOSIO system and automatically adjusts up and down based on supply and demand. So the amount of EOS you get back when you sell RAM does not have to equal the amount of EOS used to purchase RAM in the first instance. A small fee is applied to each sale and purchase of RAM.


This badge is shown on EOS accounts that have taken extra steps to secure their EOS accounts. The most basic approach is to have different Owner and Active keys. An Owner key controls the whole account. The active key is used for every day transactions. So your owner key is never used on Wallets or other tools except to reset the Active Key. Other ways to secure your account include Multi-Sig keys and other mechanisms.


This badge is shown only for genesis accounts that were created when EOS launched. An unused account has not been used for any activity (voting, key change, unstake, transfers, etc).