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  • What is an EOS account?

    An account is a human-readable name that is stored on the blockchain. An account is required to transfer or otherwise push a transaction to the blockchain.

  • Can I change my account name?

    Not until the EOS mainnet launches. After the mainnet launches, you will be able to create new account names. The actual ins and outs will be announced.

  • Will my account name change?

    It is unlikely to change at this point. Please come back later to check if your account name has changed.

  • How are account names assigned?

    All EOS account names on launch are 12 characters long. The account names are based on when the Ethereum wallet was first seen also padding genesis at the end.

  • What is block one's account name?

    Well Block one gets to keep the awesome account name: b1

  • I can't find my account name!

    Have you completed your EOS registration process? If you have, please wait for us to update our snapshot.

EOS Authority as a Block Producer

EOS Authority deals professionally with technical matters or issues of arbitration & governance. Join us in shaping the platform of the future.

  • Proudly based in Europe

    Block production servers in Europe

  • Transparent Operations

    Publishing quarterly reports on block production

  • Self funded

    Wholly self funded avoiding any external control

  • Healthy Partnerships

    Fostering collaboration with other block producers to benefit the community

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