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EOS Authority21st October 2020

We at EOS Authority believe that a successful deployment of the New Resource Model (NRM) will be a step forward for the EOS community and will open up new possibilities.

Code reviews & history

We decided to allocate our technical resources to do a full analysis of the NRM code and test its inner workings. We have uncovered critical issues with the other areas of EOS in the past eg: the 10 million dollar EOS registration security issue. We have also previously identified and helped fix a critical bug on REX. The NRM has fewer lines of codes than REX.

How did the tests go?

In general testing went well. We used a combination of public testnets, internal networks, etc. Some parts of the system are pretty complicated and need extensive testing. In some scenarios we have to wait for a while, for example we have a 30 day period where resources are allocated. The first 30 day period closed recently and worked as expected.

Enhancement requested (Delivered within 6 hours)

While testing NRM we managed to cover the major functions without any issues and it went really well. We just made the request for one enhancement to

We communicated the need for an enhancement on the way rent action results are reported., as always they were professional and quick to respond. They released the code for this enhancement within 6 hours of the request. Take a look at the github.

What are the next steps? is expected to roll out the next Release candidate soon enough and we are ready to test it out fully again. This time around, we won't need as much time to test. We hope to see the initial configuration parameters agreed by the community soon.

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