When EOSIO 1.8?

EOSIO v1.8 proposed
& RC1 launched
April 29
28 Days
EOS V1.8
RC2 released
May 15
Testnets have
updated v1.8.
June 25
V1.8.0 releasedJune 28
Awaiting all EOS
nodes to install v1.8
Sept 23
v1.8 is ready for
dapps like voice
Sept 23
Top 21 BPs to
switch on v1.8.
Sept 23

Time since upgrade

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How does 1.8 affect me?

For dApps

  • Determine Sender

    Smart contracts can now determine which accounts send an action making it resistant to spoofing attempts.

  • Fix Excessive Restrictions

    This relaxes unintentionally restrictive limitations on which actions can be linked to a minimum required permission.

  • Restrict Authorisation Checking

    Authorisation checking behaviour for all actions becomes consistent regardless of whether the actions are the original actions in an input transaction.

  • Billing First User

    Only charge the first authoriser of the transaction so that dApps can build alternative models for network resources, so that users won’t have to pay fees.

For Users

  • Modify RAM billing

    The update will allow billing of RAM to other account and will make it easier for users to use dApps.

  • Fix Deferred Transactions

    User’s not receiving RAM and incorrect transaction ID will have their RAM usage corrected and these issues will be fixed.

  • Billing First User

    Only charge the first authoriser of the transaction so that dApps can build alternative models for network resources, so that users won’t have to pay fees.

  • User friendly upgrades

    By checking behaviour for all actions and making it resistant to spoofing attempts, users will have enhanced security.

The v1.8 upgrade is required for Voice and other upcoming dapps.
Any EOS node will have to upgrade to continue working after the update.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Will the update affect a normal user and standard EOS functions?

    Users will be able to use your account as normal. No changes or actions are required from the normal public users of EOS.

  • Will there be an interruption or downtime on the EOS mainnet?

    No downtime is expected with the update as long as it is executed as expected. The hardfork has been tested on multiple testnets and they have all progressed without any downtime.

  • Will the update affect my current smart contract deployment?

    No, but you can benefit from it's features to make your dApp easier to use for the end user. Like you can stake the RAM for the users to make your dApp UX much better. Please try and run your application on 1.8 to be sure that the upgrade does not affect your dapps.

  • What happens to nodes that do not upgrade to 1.8?

    Any EOS nodes that fail to upgrade before the scheduled time will stop syncing and their nodes will not continue to work after the upgrade is activated. All dapps that run their own EOS nodes need to upgrade.

  • Is the 1.8 update related to Block One’s Voice?

    EOSIO 1.8 is essential in launching Voice.

  • Who all need to upgrade to 1.8?

    All dapps, block producers, exchanges and any EOS node needs to upgrade to v1.8. The top 21 block producers will set a time for the upgrade to go live but any EOS node should be upgraded to 1.8 before that.

  • How will the upgrade take place?

    Nodes are required to upgrade to v1.8 to remain synced with the chain. "hardfork" in this case does not mean a split from within the EOS community. It refers to only how consensus is achieved. There will be one EOS blockchain after the upgrade is complete. This is the first such "hardfork" on EOS.

  • Who will be participating in the upgrade?

    Block Producers such as EOS Authority will be helping test and launch the update. The top 21 at the time of the upgrade will perform the update.