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EOS AuthorityApril 8th 2021

PowerUp is here. Everything you need to know.

Today, on April 8th 2021, Powerup has completely replaced the staking model and REX. Over the last 43 days Powerup has steadily taken over.

What is PowerUp?

Any user can pay a fee and power up their account for 24 hours to transact on the network. As before, EOS token holders that deposit unused EOS tokens will receive a percentage of the power up fees generated by the entire network with REX.

What are the main changes?

- Your account won't have access to free CPU or NET with staking any more. You will need to rely on free transactions offered by wallets like EOS Authority or PowerUp your account
- More system fees will be generated with REX. If you don't already have REX, you should get REX to benefit from the increased network activity.
- You won't be able to rent CPU or NET with REX. Don't use REX for rentals, use PowerUp instead.

I am a normal holder, what do I do?

The most important thing is to move your staked tokens into REX. With staking not being effective, these tokens remain unused and not helping you the token holder. These tokens should be held on REX. That's the best way to earn an income from network activities. There is an initial 4 day locking period after which you are free to withdraw any of your tokens.

I am an ordinary user that wants to execute a transaction. What do I do?

Simply use free transactions offered by EOS Authority or Anchor (by Greymass) or Wombat or bloks, etc. If you are a Power user, go ahead and Powerup your account for a small fee. This will give you access to more transactions for a 24 hour period.

I have several transactions a day. What do I do?

If you are a Power user, there are a few options worth considering.
- Pay as you model to power your transactions. Open source github that packages transactions on a pay as you go model.
- Auto Powerup by (Auto). They also offer free topups every 12 hours.
- Chintai Automated Resource Management (Charm). Chintai are the experts on resource management and worth considering for power users.

There are several community offerings. If there should be here, please get in touch.

More information

- History of powerup model
- explaining the model
- Blockchain proposal setting things in motion with Powerup.

In short

1. Earn by moving your EOS tokens to REX.
2. Enjoy free transactions by EOS wallets.
3. Watch the next stage of evolution on EOS unfold.