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EOS development supporting proxy voter by Tokenika

Supporting EOS developers and builder focused Block Producers


  • ACCOUNT tokenika4dev
  • TOTAL STAKED EOS 508,994.627
  • PROXIED STAKED EOS 508,994.627
  • TOTAL DECAY -153,703
  • TELEGRAM tokenika


This proxy supports other Block Producers who share our vision of the importance of real development on EOS via: 1. helping with the development of useful EOS dev tools; 2. training developers on EOS; 3. educating on-line; 4. building Dapps; Apart from this, there are two additional criteria a BP has to fulfil that are very close to our hearts. These are:1. Ability to reliably produce blocks. No brainer - the bare bones of being a BP; 2. Libertarian, non interventionist view of EOS governance. This means no self-appointed, unelected authoritarian bodies should ever exist on EOS and bear any power over the community. We believe in free market as the only force able to regulate EOS long term. We will examine the BP's projects and try to determine which BP's are working towards raising of developer awareness, or, developing apps that help the adoption of EOS, and cast the proxied votes onto these BP's. Tokenika4dev will NOT be too concerned about ownership disclosures, whales vs non-whales or other BP affairs.

BACKGROUND is a blockchain software house and a think-tank based in Warsaw Poland. We have been involved with DPOS since the beginning of Bitshares, then supported Steem, and now serve EOS as the ultimate DPOS protocol. Our team includes #1 Steem witness (aka BP), responsible for our robust infrastructure, plus a dozen of coders and experts from various professional backgrounds. We see EOS as an amazing opportunity for blockchain mass-adoption, and have committed long term to making it happen. We also develop complex developer tools for EOS, such as EOSFactory - a smart contract testing platform aiming to become the equivalent to Ethereum’s Truffle. Apart from that, two large projects related to identity and social networking our in our pipeline, one of which will be airdropped. Tokenika actively participates in the EOS community, and offers legal advise to Polish Government on blockchain legislation.

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