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POLL: When Staking, Should Users be Able to (Optionally) Increase Their Future Unstaking Duration?

unstaking by colintcrypto 14-July-2019 06:35:27 UTC poll_default

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Currently there is a hard-coded 3 day unstake period for tokens.

Voting “yes” on this poll means that you support the option to increase your own un-staking period. This would be set at the time of staking.

Recommended ideas for the future implementation:

  • If unspecified, 3 days remains the DEFAULT for the unstaking period.
  • 3 days is the MINIMUM unstaking period. (Changing to less than 3 days has other implications, such as reducing how much EOS exchanges need to keep liquid (unstaked) thereby increasing how much they can put into the REX).
  • We can discuss whether there should be a maximum allowable unstaking period (for example, should longer than 1 year be allowed?)

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