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EOS to fund a true identity project

trueidentity by workcoinfred 15-May-2019 09:11:42 UTC referendum-v1

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We need to have an optional, verified identity across the EOS ecosystem. This can be done with software from example netki or onfido. Cost to do this is +/- $3-4 at small scale, but for the entire EOS ecosystem a deal could be made.

how it would work: any EOS user would have the option to verify their identity, for free. To do this, upload an identity document and a selfie, and provide first and last name. Information would be processed via an identity provider / automated system that would verify the EOS account.

why this would be useful:

  1. wallets like lynx could offer one free account for every verified user, eliminating a lot of friction.
  2. there could be enormous benefits to being able to verify that fredfredfred = fred krueger as an example. (for chat apps like sense and community apps like karma)

This could be used down the road as a way of reducing KYC costs

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  • this can be implemented as a third party contract

  • We think this idea has a lot of merit when you consider the list of positives: a) Perhaps most importantly, uses a third party Identification service so it will not require a centralized body to be created & maintained within EOS blockchain in order to execute this idea. b) Is a very low cost & low risk idea c) It could encourage growth and credibility within the ecosystem d) Being an opt in service is favorable