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Suggest to to make an offer on the STEEM stake of Steemit Inc,

steem2eos by gy4dembzhege 11-May-2019 11:37:07 UTC referendum-v1

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The STEEM blockchain and Steemit Inc. have been struggling. Their STEEM community is amazing though!

What if EOS/ could purchase the stake Steemit Inc. has in the STEEM blockchain.

Then can use this stake to launch "steem 2.0" and airdrop all these "new" tokens to all EOS holders.

This would make the Steemit community happy and reward all EOS holders.

Result: Steemit 2.0

(Just a test for this referendum platform, but I might still want to see this happen)

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  • EOS token holders and not make dictates to Blockone. They are a completely separate and independent organization