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rewardvote by alanonestars 12-May-2019 09:17:07 UTC referendum-v1

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  • 8% YES lead over NO

I feel that rewarding voters is a key element because on the hierarchy of things voter are senior to almost everything in the platform, voters get to decide the BPs who then get to decide things and who make the blocks so it make sense to give them (the voters) something. For this proposal I think that 1% of annual inflation should be given directly to voters.

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  • I agree with partially distributing a fraction of the 4% annual inflation to token holders as a small incentive to stake their holdings. However, perhaps scale this towards small token holders (i.e. larger token holders receives less incentive) to encourage more small holders to vote to counter whale votes. If not scaled, whales would effectively accumulate well above a small "incentive" level of the inflation share, while small token holders would receive a less significant amount that would not be enough to entice them to stake and to vote. In summary, Scale inflation distribution to: 1) EOS tokens (Log Scale with rapid decay above 40k EOS) 2) Vote Decay (to encourage regular voting)

  • 选民也是持币者,本身就有厉害关系。增加选民的福利,也会给短期投机者钻空子

  • Voters/token holders are in a sense owners of the business (EOS network) . Nowhere are owners directly compensated for improving their business. Owners compensation would always been in profit and higher asset (EOS token) value

  • Good

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