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Delete Eos Core Arbitration Forum ?

decaf by freeos4decaf 11-May-2019 07:18:30 UTC referendum-v1

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  • 73 days since poll started
  • 2.1% participation
  • 98% YES lead over NO

Would EOS be better off if ECAF would not be able to issue key switching orders and we would rather rely on the code and block producers 15 out of 21 multisig?

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  • ECAF was a Failed Experiment

  • YES

  • blockchains should be immutable

  • voting with MEOWnet

  • Code is law, people are responsible for their own keys.

  • We support NOT having a centralized, all powerful, monopolistic organization of enforcement overseeing BPs. We are signalling in favor of the intent of this proposal but believe a more specific proposal is needed to properly execute.

  • 仲裁系统的存在是大资金进入的前提保障,因为大资金不能容许不可逆的黑客事件。支持民间自发组织仲裁论坛与ECAF竞争

  • Scammers started impersonating ECAF trying to get private keys. It is job of the BPs to handle disputes

  • 反对回到原始的丛林法则,可以渐进修改优化。事情总有办法逐渐解决,而不是一刀切。

  • decaf

  • ECAF was a late inclusion by Non B1 people and has not proven to be open, accessible, scale-able or sustainable. It must be removed.

  • 1.Without the permission of the private key to control a user account, it make EOS face too much off-chain sitution and bring too much problem. 2.To take back the stolen token with arbitration without user's permission, it make user's assets in dangerous. Who would take this risk to put his money on EOS ? especial for big buyers. 3.If some one like arbitration to protect them , it should be be limitted in the smart contract like banking, i.e. realized in the second layer. 4.there has been a victim by ECAF misjudged. 5. BM and BB have stated that ECAF should be removed.

  • 不应该取消ECAF,但可以考虑引入自由市场竞争。

  • ECAF make eos to be a centralized system,we must remove ecaf from eos

  • 支持

  • Fuck ECAF

  • fuck them

  • fuck them