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BP Enforced Minimum Requirements

bpminrequire by cryptoranger 12-May-2019 07:57:22 UTC referendum-v1

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  • 95% YES lead over NO

Enforced minimum requirements for Block Producers to ensure no "sock-puppets" are in eco-system. Also, lower tier BP's randomly rotated in to ensure they have the ability to produce blocks. If they fail, they are taken out of rotation.

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  • As long as the solution controlling the rotations is random and objective this proposal could benefit the community.

  • I'm voting No due to the fact application of this rule would require a "seat of power" from which to govern the BP's. I would be voting yes for a code based solution such as "X missed blocked results in an unreg BP and they have to reg BP again", Or "system will boot any regbp account from BP list if auto checking can not confirm active website in three consecutive attempts (over three days)". Or, (once B1 wallet with biometric ID in place) all regbp accounts must be created by user eosio account which has bio-metric ID attached)