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Bypass article XI of the Interim Constitution

Bypass article XI of the Interim Constitution Like many aspects of the Interim Constitution, article XI of the constitution is not well adapted to the realities of EOS mainnet. The existing thresholds to pass a referendum are unattainable, and not based on sound game theory. Abiding by these thresholds will lead to stagnation. Lets keep EOS competitive and agile. This referendum is intended to help Block Producers gauge community sentiment about the following two options, effectively giving them an on chain signal that will allow them to proceed with more clarity. By voting YES I agree that the block producers should carry out the following plan: Block Producers should ignore article XI of the interim constitution. Instead, they should vote on a multisig proposals for the following referenda and their corresponding dates:">rex4all (Include fees from eosio.ram eosio,name in REX): MSIG vote date: 5 March 2019">DECAF (Remove article IX of the interim Constitution): MSIG vote date: 8 March 2019">WPS/CDF (Common development fund): MSIG vote date: 10 March 2019">EUA (The EOS User Agreement (EUA) Replaces the Interim Constitution Entirely): MSIG vote date: 19 March 2019 By voting “NO” I disagree with the above plan and would prefer a different approach which is not specified. 임시 헌법 조항 11조 의 우회 임시 헌법 조항들의 다른 부분과 마찬가지로, 조항 제 11 조는 EOS 메인넷의 현실에 잘 적용되지 못했습니다. 국민투표 (referendum) 를 통과하기 위한 현재의 기준은 사실상 달성하기 힘든 상황이며 게임이론을 충분히 고려하지 못했습니다. 이러한 제한은 지속적인 정체를 만들 것입니다. EOS를 경쟁력 있고 민첩하게 발전시킬 수 있게 만들어야 합니다. 지금 이 국민투표 제안은 블록 프로듀서들이 다음과 같은 두 가지 옵션에 대한 온-체인에서 대중의 의견을 효과적으로 취합하고 측정하고자 이루어집니다. YES를 투표함으로써 블록 생산자가 다음과 같은 계획을 수행해야한다는 데 동의합니다. 블록프로듀서는 임시 헌법의 11조 조항을 무시 해야합니다. 대신, 블록프로듀서들은 다음 리스트의 국민투표 제안들에 다중서명을 통해 투표 해야합니다.">rex4all (eosio.ram 의 수수료를 REX에 포함하는 제안): MSIG(다중서명) 투표 일자: 2019년 3월 5일">DECAF (임시 헌법에서 제 IX조 삭제 – EOS Core Arbitration Forum 을 통한 중재조항 삭제): MSIG 투표 일자: 2019년 3월 8일">WPS/CDF (Worker Proposal System 에 대한 제안): MSIG 투표 일자: 2019년 3월 10일">EUA EOS 사용자 동의서 (EUA)가 임시 헌법을 완전히 대체하는 제안: MSIG 투표 일자: 2019년 3월 19일 "NO"라고 투표함으로써 위의 계획에 동의하지 않으며, 명시되지 않은 다른 접근 방식을 선호합니다. 绕开 “EOS临时宪法” 之第十一条 与“临时宪法”的其他条例一样,宪法中的第十一条并未不能适当地应用到EOS主网的现实情况里。然而,现有的公投(Referendum) 批准的门槛无法达到,而且也并不符合基础博弈论的。遵守着这些限制只会导致主网治理停滞不前。我们应该让EOS保持着她该有的竞争力和适应性。 此条公投的目的是帮助出块者们衡量整体社区对以下两种选择的情绪,以有效地在链上向他们示意,让他们能够更清晰地区划相关的解决方案。 通过投 “赞成票” (YES),我同意出块者应执行以下措施: 出块者们应该忽略EOS临时宪法的第十一条。对此的代替方案为:他们应该利用多重签名机制(multisig proposal) 对以下公投和相应日期的进行投票:">rex4all(并将eosio.ram和eosio.name的资金加入到REX中): MSIG投票日期:2019年3月5日">DECAF(废除EOS临时宪法之第九条): MSIG投票日期:2019年3月8日">WPS/CDF(共同发展基金): MSIG投票日期:2019年3月10日">EUA 让EOS用户协议(EUA)完全取代EOS临时宪法: MSIG投票日期:2019年3月19日 通过投 “否” (NO),我并不同意上述方案,并希望出块者采用另一种未被具体描述的途径。

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Should EOS adopt the EOS User Agreement (EUA) in place of the interim Constitution?

Question: Should EOS adopt the EOS User Agreement (EUA) in place of the interim Constitution? Preamble: The EOS User Agreement (EUA) is a template primarily authored by top 21 Block Producer EOS New York. The EUA was written to replace the interim constitution. The interim constitution is in many places vague, largely unenforceable, and has been a source of conflict within the community. The EOS User Agreement is being proposed in order to establish a governing document that is manageable, reasonable, and enforceable and that serves as a reflection of the way the EOS Mainnet currently functions at a protocol level. Result if enacted: The EOS User Agreement will act as the foundational document of the EOS blockchain and will establish the expectations of EOS governance amongst all user types. The EUA will serve as a written reflection of the method of governance that the EOS Mainnet already employs, delegated-proof-of-stake. The interim Constitution will be removed as a governing document in its entirety. Result if rejected: The interim constitution remains. Major Effect of Amendment Proposal: Currently, token-holders may, without permission, vote for any number of block producers (up to 30) at any time and for any reason. Block Producers, exercising the authority delegated to them by EOS stakeholders, provide infrastructure to produce blocks and participate in the maintenance and optimization of the EOS protocol via multi-signature approval transactions. The EUA encapsulates this process in detail. The only major effect is that the expectation of what constitutes “governance” on the EOS Mainnet will become something manageable, reasonable, and enforceable and be supported by a framework for agile iteration and development. Key Expectation Set Block Producers may never bypass valid permission checks on the blockchain to affect any EOS user account in any situation other than where the normal operation and function of the EOS Mainnet is threatened. Amendment Proposal Language: The EOS User Agreement Definitions All capitalized, italicized, or inline code terms in The EOS User Agreement will be given the same effect and meaning as in Definitions. EOS User Agreement: This document (EUA) Chain ID: chain_id - aca376f206b8fc25a6ed44dbdc66547c36c6c33e3a119ffbeaef943642f0e906 User: Any person or organization of persons who maintain(s) direct or indirect ownership of an EOS account, or EOS-based property connected to an EOS account. Ownership: Direct or indirect access to an EOS account through one or more valid permissions checks. Ownership may be partially shared between Users through the use of multi-signature permissions. Block Producer: Users who have called regproducer and receive rewards from eosio.vpay. eosio.prods: An EOS account with a dynamic permissions structure that can assume the privileges of the eosio account when 15/21 Block Producers agree to do so. Network Funds: Tokens contained within the following accounts: eosio.names, eosio.ramfee, eosio.saving. Governing Documents: regproducer is considered a governing document. On-Chain: Any transaction, smart contract, or Ricardian contract which is located within a block that is irreversible and appended to the EOS blockchain chain_id. EOS-based Property: Anything that requires a valid permission in order to directly manipulate, alter, transfer, influence, or otherwise effect on the EOS Blockchain Call: To submit an action to the EOS Blockchain chain_id. Authorizations & Permissions: Permissions are arbitrary names used to define the requirements for a transaction sent on behalf of that permission. Permissions can be assigned for authority over specific contract actions. Ricardian Contract: A contract that places the defining elements of a legal agreement in a format that can be expressed and executed in software. Article I -  User Acknowledgement of Risks If User loses access to their EOS account on chain_id and has not taken appropriate measures to secure access to their EOS account by other means, the User acknowledges and agrees that that EOS account will become inaccessible. Users acknowledge that the User has an adequate understanding of the risks, usage and intricacies of cryptographic tokens and blockchain-based software. The User acknowledges and agrees that the User is using the EOS blockchain at their sole risk. Article II - Special User Types Users who call regproducer agree to, and are bound by, the regproducer Ricardian Contract. Article III - Consent of the EUA The nature of the EOS User Agreement is such that it serves as a description of the current EOS Mainnet governance functions that are in place. These functions, enforced by code, do not require the consent of Users as these functions are inherent and systemic to the EOS Mainnet itself. Article IV - Governing Documents Any modifications to the EUA and governing documents may be made by eosio.prods. It is admonished that a statement be crafted and issued through eosio.prods via referendum contract describing such a modification in advance. Article V - Native Unit of Value The native unit of value on EOS chain_id shall be the EOS token as defined and created by the eosio.token smart contract. Article VI - Maintaining the EOS blockchain eosio.prods will maintain the active blockchain codebase which includes, but is not limited to, the implementation of all modifications of all features, optimizations, and upgrades: present and future. Article VII - Network Funds It is admonished that any altering of the state of any tokens contained within network fund accounts, or altering any pre-existing code that directly or indirectly governs the allocation, fulfillment, or distribution of any network funds be preceded by a statement crafted and issued by eosio.prods to the referendum system contract describing the effect in advance. Article VIII - Freedom of Account Creation Any current or future User is able to create an EOS Account without the permission by any other User. eosio.prods may never affect an EOS User Account(s) without valid permission(s) which have been shared with eosio.prods by an EOS account. eosio.prods may charge a fee for any actions that are requested by other Users pertaining to an EOS account where permissions are shared. Article IX - No Fiduciary No User shall have a fiduciary purpose to support the value of the EOS token. No User can authorize anyone to hold assets, borrow, speak, contract on behalf of other EOS Users or the EOS blockchain chain_id collectively. This EOS blockchain shall have no owners, managers, or fiduciaries. Article X - User Security All items pertaining to personal account security, including but not limited to the safekeeping of private keys, is solely the responsibility of the User to secure. Article XI - eosio.prods Limited Liability The User acknowledges and agrees that, to the fullest extent permitted by any applicable law, this disclaimer of liability applies to any and all damages or injury whatsoever caused by or related to risks of, use of, or inability to use, the EOS token or the EOS blockchain chain_id under any cause of action whatsoever of any kind in any jurisdiction, including, without limitation, actions for breach of warranty, breach of contract or tort (including negligence) and that eosio.prods, nor the individual permissions that operate it, shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, exemplary or consequential damages, including for loss of profits, goodwill or data. Does this Amendment Proposal require a code update? If so, provide proposed change: The EUA language will be injected into the eosio.system.abi under “id”: EOS User Agreement and “body”: Remove all language from:"> Add EUA language to:">

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Conceptual Idea for Worker Proposal System ( WPS ) Distribution of Funds from the 4% Inflation

Create a Referendum Category for " Worker Proposal System Funding ". This category would give everyone a chance to vote on topics the community deems most important for the continued development of the EOS platform. Also this method will give more transparency to the funding distribution system. It will improve the value of the platform to stay competitive in the years to come. My idea is to have the community vote for at least a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 funding topics. The topics will be proposed by the community, then the most voted topics will be reviewed by the BP's for a final approval. If no approval, the BP's can revise the funding details for that project and have the community vote for it again until an agreement is reached. The #1 highest voted topic would get the largest funding amount, while the #10th topic would get the least amount of funding. A percentage amount could be set to determine how much funding would go to the most voted while less funding to the least voted in a descending order from 1 through 10. Example Funding Topics the Community Could Vote For Are : 1.) MOST VOTED FORMAL REFERENDUM WORKING PROJECTS APPROVED BY THE BP's ( I would say this topic would be the most popular. Funding would be needed for the development of the best and most voted proposal ideas, then to create a demo product on the test net, after that get the community to try it out and vote for it again on referendum to be implement on the main net. ) 2.) SELF IMPROVEMENT SCHOOL FUNDING, (This topic would be the 2nd most important to me and different from other voters. This is important because the demand for skilled developers is at an all-time high, and companies today rank a lack of quality software engineering talent as a larger constraint on their growth than access to capital. Having online live stream courses would self improve many users bringing more value to the EOS eco system. Developers gaining more knowledge about EOS can help make a major impact in bringing products to market much faster also increasing the value to different products and services vs. the competition.) 3.) FUNDING FOR RESEARCH TO IMPROVE SOFTWARE FROM CODE HACKS, SOFTWARE VULNERABILITY ISSUES, ECT... ( My #3 topic is to provide funding readily available in an event of a hack to provide quick upgrades. Also to further research those hacks and find solutions to protect the platform. 4.) MARKETING EOS FOR MASS ADOPTION FUNDING ( My #4 topic would be to provide funding for marketing EOS so we can reach mass adoption more quickly, also to stay competitive, and to protect the value of its token. In the future there will be thousands of blockchains to compete with so it needs to stay ahead of the competition by having great marketing ideas. For example a mass adoption marketing idea would be to develop a dapp for users to import their friends emails then use partial funding to send enough tokens to create a free account and have at least a tiny extra portion to stake for those who sign up. If no sign ups to those accounts then the tokens could be returned back within 60 days or less. Also a brief video explanation about the email plus a quick introduction about EOS could be attached.) 5.) VOTING PARTICIPATION REWARD SYSTEM FUNDING ( An incentive to reward those who take the time to read, comment, and vote for all proposals. ) 6.) SET ASIDE A MINIMUM AMOUNT BALANCE TO SAVINGS ( Have the community vote on a minimum balance for the savings account. The savings account could be used for increasing its value by using the REX system. ) 7.) , 8) , 9.) & 10. Any topics that start decreasing in votes will descend to a lower tier, similar concept to how the BP's descend in order of popularity. I'm sure there are lots of other ideas out there for WPS so make sure to voice them on referendum so the community can vote for them. Throwing different ideas out there will help fine tune a system to fund projects that will take EOS to the next level.

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Add Referendum Categories : Category for Formal Referendums, Proposal Ideas, BP Voting, & for EOS Updates

Why is it a Good Idea to have Referendum Categories? Starting with: FORMAL REFERENDUMS , Most of us in the community do not have the expertise in creating a working referendum proposal. I think it's essential to separate formal referendum proposals from other proposal ideas / polls. Shuffling everything together could get confusing for the community to follow. Lets present professionalism and give more seriousness to formal referendums with working code rather than adding it to a pot of either good or bad ideas & unfinished proposals. Even if there are filters, it could get messy because there will be many different ( UI ) user interface showing different things. Many wallets might not bother to show a clean interface and shuffle everything together. It's a great idea to present them in categories so the right proposals are created correctly. In the future different features can be implemented for each category. Another option we could apply is to charge a small fee to launch new formal referendum proposals. When the time expires the funds could be returned to the creator of that proposal. PROPOSAL IDEAS , I would say more than 90% of the proposals on referendum are either good or bad ideas. There are only a few that have enough code or details to support a working product so lets have this category for any user to express and voice their ideas to be voted on. Any proposal ideas getting enough votes can be further developed by a supporter who has the knowledge to code it to be a working product. BLOCK PRODUCER ( BP ) VOTING , Lets create a category for BP's so to give them an opportunity to market themselves and give users insights on whatever they are doing for the community. Providing a comment box, the BP's can add any updates for the community to see so this way it would be easier to vote for any BP that's bringing value to EOS. EOS UPDATES CATEGORY, Many in the community are unaware of updates going on for EOS. An update category gives a chance for developers to post important updates. It will inform users of any important upgrades or future improvements that will be made to the platform, also users have the ability to vote on any of the topics if they choose to.

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Bp rotation and new democratic instruments. Let's change Eos! ENG+ITA

The aim is to make Eos the most democratic blockchain in the world. The proposal is to randomly rotate the first 50 block producers every 5 hours. The first 50 block producers will be those who have the technical requirements to produce blocks efficiently and safely. The vote can be expressed for each Block Producer following these two rules. Among the first 50 Bp the first 10 with more votes will rotate every 3 hours. The votes cast for the other Bp, those from position 50 onwards, if they have the technical requirements, will rise between the bp in rotation every 3 months in the maximum number of 2. In this way we will have the opportunity to vote for our favorite Bp but there will be no monopoly. In addition, by increasing the number of rotation-enabled BPs, we will have an increasingly democratic system. Let's change Eos! ITA L’obiettivo è rendere Eos la blockchain più democratica al mondo. La proposta è di far ruotare in modo randomico i primi 50 block producer ogni 5 ore. I primi 50 Block Producer saranno quelli che avranno i requisiti tecnici che gli permettano di produrre blocchi in modo efficiente e sicuro. Il voto potrà essere espresso per ogni Block Producer seguendo queste due regole. Tra i primi 50 Bp i primi 10 con più voti ruoteranno ogni 3 ore. I voti espressi per gli altri Bp, quelli dalla posizione 50 in poi, se avranno i requisiti tecnici richiesti, saliranno tra i bp in rotazione ogni 3 mesi nel numero massimo di 2. In questo modo avremo la possibilità di votare i nostri Bp preferiti ma non ci sarà alcun monopolio. Inoltre aumentando sempre più Bp abilitati alla rotazione avremo un sistema sempre più democratico. Cambiamo Eos!

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